Romiromi Waananga Series Auckland 2023

Kia tau mai te whei ki te whai Ao ki te Ao Maarama!

“Rise to evermore enlightenment!”

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Workshop 1

Tuku a taemaha kia rere!”

“Release the burden of burdens”

Traditional Romiromi is a bodywork technique that is a potent, quick and direct process for clearing stagnant or unwanted energies. It resets the whole being back to a balanced state of energy flow.

What you will learn….

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Workshop 2

“Poouri atu a poo-uri uri, Wetekina ngaa here e pou-here aa nuku e pou-here aa Rangi! “

“Suffer not your Sadness, Free what ties you to this earth!”

We focus on revealing core emotions that sit behind energy blocks in the body & how these can be released. You’ll experience integrative healing where you will give and receive in a safe, supervised space.

What you will learn….

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Workshop 3

Wetekina te kiore Pukurua, Whakaohoho too Mauri!”

“Stifle self indulgence, Motivate your Majesty!”

Refine and extend Romi-Romi techniques learnt in your previous workshops and develop greater mastery of your mental faculty and sense perceptions to deepen the client’s healing experience.

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Workshop 4

” Rukuhia too aro, Rangahaua Tee Haa o Roto

Deepen your Inner Sanctum, Search the Stillness of Sanctuary”

We introduce more advanced Romiromi techniques and offer Supervision on some of the less visible aspects of being a healing facilitator. We may invite you to join us in a supervised public setting/clinic.

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INTERESTED? in 2023’s Workshop Series
Workshop 1 ‘Fundamentals’ – 12th & 13th August – $480
Workshop 2 ‘Integrative Healing’ – 9th & 10th September – $480

Extra Workshop & Clinic Detail

Workshop Times:

  • 10am – 5pm Auckland
  • 9.30am – 4.30pm Hawaii
  • 9am -4pm Switzerland – Germany (Europe)

Auckland Venues:

Huia Hall: 1253 Huia Road, Huia, Auckland

Vartamana Healing Retreat: 1119 Scenic Drive North, Swanson, Auckland 0816

[There is accomodation available if you need to stay overnight. Phone Dianne on 09 833 4545 to arrange this.]

Lunch (Shared) Please bring a heathy plate.

Please Note: having some previous bodywork experience in healing is preferred for attendance on our Waananga.

Price & Payments:

The fee for each 2 day NZ workshop is $480. Places are limited to 12 for these Waananga. We are happy to accept an Automatic Online Bank Payment weekly of a 4 x $100 payments and 1x $80 till the full fee is paid. Your first $100 payment will secure your place on the course.

Refund Policy
Due to the time and expense we invest in planning and facilitating workshops, particularly where international travel is required, your payment is non refundable. If there are extenuating circumstances which prevent you from attending as planned, we will consider a partial refund on a case by case basis.