Pregnancy & Infertility

Haputanga – Pregnancy, Birth & Post Natal Care of Mother and Child

Our mothers and babies should be comfortable & relaxed throughout the pregnancy and birth. This traditional approach utilises a combination of gentle to deep massage to:

  • Align and straighten the body
  • Stretch and release sore muscles
  • Reduce discomfort especially of lower back & hips through Pressure Point activation
  • Gentle abdominal massage of mum and baby that helps to redistribute fluids and create more space to enhance the growth of baby
  • General preparation for birth

Ira Tangata ( Infertility)

Many of the couples who come to see my wife Caroline and I for fertility healing have been trying to conceive for years without success.

Some have tried IVF or have been told there is nothing more that can be done from a medical perspective. Others have had multiple miscarriages or issues with polycystic ovaries and endometriosis.

Fertility sculpture

We have been blessed to have been able to help many of these couples.

What to expect when you have an appointment with us………..

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Mel & Clive – After advice from doctors that I would struggle to fall pregnant due to PCOS …. we are now 3 months pregnant.

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Rosie – My next cycle I was pregnant.……

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Tania After 3&1/2 years of trying to conceive and hold a pregnancy to full term, we finally found Audie.  And to our delight 2-3 months later our now 10 month old daughter was on her way………..

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