ARTWORK from $200+

Depending on your desires, I custom create to a budget. I can create a Pounamu (Jade) or Whalebone that starts at $200. A higher budget will secure you a higher quality item, design and end product that can include both Jade and Bone (Bone dependant on availabilty).

All other art requires an agreed budget to work from.

BODYWORK from $80-$150

$80 per hour – Most bodywork from Audie OR Caroline.

$150 per hour – Most bodywork with both Audie & Caroline combined – An Initial Assessment & Treatment, that may include Sound and Voice Healing.

FERTILITY from $80-$225

‘Please note your first session usually requires 90mins.’

Starts at $80 per hour to $120 for 90 min session – for either Audie OR Caroline.

Starts at $150 per hour to $225 for 90 mins– for both Audie & Caroline combined.  

We encourage your Partner to be included at your session.

Choose to see Audie or Caroline separately.

We have great results when combining our masculine-feminine healing potential and our individual gifts.

We highly recommend you see us both for that initial assessment and treatment.

Follow up will most likely be with Audie or Caroline separately and so would be $80 rate. Ladies, please schedule your appointment early in your monthly cycle.

WORKSHOPS – all 2 day Duration



Europe 500CHF

WORKSHOPS 1 day Duration

Subject to Availability.


– for all services, single or low income families and the elderly. Please contact us.