(Includes Deep tissue, Pressure points, Pregnancy, Fertility/Infertility – based on TRADITIONAL MAORI HEALING).

Through our HUMAN experience we accumulate tension, stress & trauma. This can manifest as pain, illness or dysfunction on a PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL & SPIRITUAL level.

This helps reverse the effects these issues have on us by bringing balance back to our being.


-promotes a holistic approach to wellness following strict protocols of safety, grounding and integrity.


Romiromi – alignment bodywork is a potent, quick and direct process for clearing stagnant/blocked or unwanted energies to reset the whole being back to a balanced state of energy flow.


  • Body alignment and stretching
  • Triggering pressure points to assist the body to heal itself
  • Deep tissue massage 
  • Hands on energy work with the surface and etheric layers


– are also very effective with Fertility concerns, soothing massage for unborn babies & mothers during pregnancy and massage for the elderly and young babies.


– Our mothers and babies should be comfortable & relaxed throughout the pregnancy and birth.
This traditional approach utilises a combination of gentle massage, alignment and pressure points for mum. Whilst helping to distribute amniotic fluids make room for growth of baby.


– a highly complex area and covers the inability to conceive or to complete a full term pregnancy….Those that seek help usually are considering or not had success with western medicine and are seeking alternative options.

We look at each person as a individual case with their own unique requirements.

Fertility sculpture


Mel & Clive – After advice from doctors that I would struggle to fall pregnant due to PCOS …. we are now 3 months pregnant.

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Rosie – My next cycle I was pregnant.……

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Tania After 3&1/2 years of trying to conceive and hold a pregnancy to full term, we finally found Audie.  And to our delight 2-3 months later our now 10 month old daughter was on her way………..

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Romiromi Testimonials

Rebecca – the positive changes & how great I feel ……… truly transformative.

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Tina – Through receiving Romi I was able to do some ancestral healing work………..

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