Through our HUMAN experience we accumulate tension, stress & trauma. This can manifest as pain, illness or dysfunction on a PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL & SPIRITUAL level.


Promotes a holistic approach to wellness following strict protocols of safety, grounding and integrity. This helps reverse the effects these issues have on us by bringing balance back to our being.


Romiromi Alignment Bodywork is a potent, quick and direct process for clearing stagnant blocked or unwanted energies to reset the whole being back to a balanced state of energy flow.


  • Body alignment and stretching
  • Triggering pressure points to assist the body to heal itself
  • Deep tissue massage 
  • Hands on energy work and light massage / mirimiri

Romiromi Testimonials

Rebecca – the positive changes & how great I feel ……… truly transformative.

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Tina – Through receiving Romi I was able to do some ancestral healing work………..

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