Intuitive Healing art

Art created with Healing Intention, exclusively for you & only you. Commission only

“To Create from a place of awareness with pure intention is to create from within. Only then, can you intuitively access the higher realms of positive inspiration.

With integrity we connect intimately with another whilst in a place of Unified Safety. This instills significance & individuality into a piece of art created Specifically for you and only you.” Audie Beazley

“When we create intuitively, Ancient Lore can help  instill positive healing energy into art”.

Pounamu is a healing stone. It is the heart stone of Aotearoa and as such carries the unique healing essence of our land .  Hence one of my favourite materials to work with.

Let me create for you and I’ll provide you with a Pounamu created from the Heart exclusively for you or a loved one.


Sharonhe senses the energies at work… radiates “power and authority”…..your eyes are drawn to it like a magnetic force.

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Daniel… nothing can compare with an original commission from Audie……it was turning heads the first day I took it out

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FranThe characteristic of the design and the feel of the stone were to enhance calmness. Wearing the stone gave me the ability to deal with the stress.

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Reb………‘felt’ very different to the other pieces in the shop.

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